Eliminating the “Forever Chemicals” From Your Cookware

An important piece to superaging is identifying where you have agency. Where can you make adjustments (big or small) to your lifestyle to improve your healthspan? One of the most important elements is removing our exposure to daily toxins. This goes double when they involve the cooking of our food for ourselves and our families. In the search to do better, we discovered Our Place. Their mission is to create products that make sharing a meal easier, more joyful, and much healthier. 

How Cookware Can Support Healthy Eating

In an effort to make cooking easier, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are added to cookware, containers, and tableware due in part to their nonstick and water-resistant properties. This group of man-made chemicals has been used in a variety of consumer products since the 1940s to prevent food from sticking, provide resistance to liquids and stains, and increase durability and usability.

The problem is these additives didn’t break down in the environment and accumulated over time, earning them the nickname “forever chemicals.” Due to their persistence and ability to release toxic fumes when overheated, PFAS are often found in water, air, soil, and our blood. The widespread use and durability of PFAS has raised concerns about potential health risks to humans and to the environment, as they build up in our body over time.

The Our Place Solution

There is a better way to cook with Our Place: pans that offer either a ceramic nonstick coating or ultra-durable titanium, both made without potentially toxic materials including PTFE, PFOA, and other PFAS. These are very practical pieces with thoughtful design. The use of toxin-free cookware reduces your risk of ingesting or inhaling these harmful chemicals — which have been linked to health issues such as cancer, thyroid problems, and developmental delays in children.

The Our Place Always Pan is 10-in-1, which means it replaces 10 pieces of cookware and serves 10 functions. Both the Perfect Pot 8-in-1 and the Griddle Pan can be used either on the stovetop or in the oven. Due to this extreme versatility, you can get rid of those older Teflon pans you may have (decluttering is an extra bonus here!) and feel inspired to cook a bit more — as you’ll be well equipped to try a few new recipes. 

PFAS-free cookware is often easier to clean than traditional nonstick cookware, and Our Place recommends simply handwashing with mild dish soap and a soft sponge. The Titanium Always Pan is one of the easiest nonstick options to take care of — able to go in the dishwasher and stand up to the use of metal utensils. As an added bonus, the cookware comes with a spatula or spoon just begging to be put to use. 

How This Translates to Your Home

Beautiful cookware not just designed for how you live, but how healthy you can be while living. Cooking at home often leads to better nutrition and sharing a meal with others — two of our superaging cornerstones. Research suggests that those who share meals with others take longer to dine, consume more nutritionally dense food, and strengthen personal connections. These are all important factors to living a long, healthy and independent life. 

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Saving You a Seat

With clean products designed to promote the celebration of old and new family traditions, Our Place invites you to pull up a seat. Create an open invitation. Welcome your family and friends — those you were given, those you’ve chosen, and those you have found — to share a bite to eat, a bit of joy, and maybe a story or two along the way. 

Give them a try. In addition to their 100-day trial and free shipping, Our Place is offering the AGEIST community 10% off sitewide. You are going to want to check out their award-winning, innovative line of products.