Our Cells Are Being Weakened With Age. Here’s What to Do.

A recently discovered type of “cell death” (well, recent in terms of the scientific discovery process) has proven to be very distinct from other types of cell death. For those wondering, apoptosis [1], necrosis [2], and autophagy [3] are more well known “death modes” for our cells. 

Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson discovered C15:0, as the first essential fatty acid to be found in over 90 years, while working with the U.S. Navy on improving the health and welfare of aging dolphins. Her team published a paper in 2012 on abnormal cellular iron handling that was affecting the liver health in some dolphins. During this same time, a team of scientists at Columbia University had also made a discovery: a new way in which our cells are being weakened — a process they called ferroptosis [4]. Our inquiring minds wanted to know more. 

What is C15:0 and what does it do?

Pure C15:0, also known as pentadecanoic acid, is a type of odd chain saturated fatty acid that’s been gaining attention for its potential health benefits since Dr. Venn-Watson and her team shared their findings. Trace amounts of C15:0 can be found in dairy, certain types of fish, and in some seeds and grains. Associated with positive cellular health outcomes, studies suggest that C15:0 may help to improve cholesterol levels, stabilize cell membranes, and even support a healthier immune response. It’s these types of positive improvements that have elevated the subject of C15:0 in cellular and nutritional research.

What is ferroptosis and why is it important?

Ferroptosis could be likened to a self-destruct button for our cells that gets triggered by iron. Imagine if iron, instead of being a helpful nutrient, started causing trouble inside your cells. In some cases where there’s too much iron, it can start a harmful reaction leading the fats in the cell walls to go bad. When these fats go bad, the cell can’t survive, leading to its death.

This type of cell death is very different from the ways cells usually die as the process can be less damaging to the surrounding cells. Understanding ferroptosis gives scientists and researchers new ideas on how to tackle diseases. For example, in some cancers, making these harmful cells go through ferroptosis might help in treating the disease. Conversely, being able to stop this process might protect our healthy cells. Understanding ferroptosis could allow us to push the self-destruct button on bad cells and prevent it from accidentally being hit in the good ones.

A series of peer-reviewed studies — using the pure C15:0 ingredient found in fatty15 — demonstrated that this new, saturated fatty acid effectively goes after the key components of ferroptosis by:

  • Strengthening cell membranes by 80%
  • Lowering lipid peroxidation by 40%
  • Lowering intracellular iron deposits by 64%
  • Reducing reactive oxygen species by 50%

C15:0 repairs age-related damage to cells, protects them from future breakdown, boosts mitochondrial energy output, and activates pathways in the body that help regulate our sleep, mood, and natural repair mechanisms. These essential benefits are why Dr. Venn-Watson and her team brought their fatty15 supplement to the market — to be a powerful ally in our body’s natural fight against ferroptosis.

Making connections and supporting curious minds

Part of the mission at AGEIST is continual learning, and connections to our brand partners provide an excellent path for this. There are so many scientists, doctors, dreamers, and innovators continuously working to improve global health — and we are here for it. We are avid followers of their work, supporters of their passions, and distributors of their findings. As former AGEIST profile cover and SuperAge podcast guest Jacqueline Depaul explains: “What [fatty15] really does best is research. I liked the research they provided showing that it worked ‘better’. My naturopath also recommends them as a supplement.”

fatty15 is on a mission to replenish your C15:0 levels and restore your long-term health. You can get an additional 15% off their 90-day subscription Starter Kit by going to fatty15.com/AGEIST and using code AGEIST at checkout.

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